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General terms & conditions

Info about the seller: 

Crosport-vez, owned by Jakov Marković.
OIB: 51340332501
Kotorvaroška 7
10 020 Zagreb
Email address :
Info phone line:
+385 1 4921055
The call price and the call calculation unit are charged at the price of the call to the fixed networks of the telecommunication operator of the user's phone.
The working time of the info phone line is on working days and Saturdays from 8:00 to 20:00.
No support is available on Sundays and holidays.
Account in Raiffaisen bank d.d.
IBAN: HR7724840081100114472

The Customer

The customer of the product is any physical person or legal person who purchases products through the Internet store in the manner specified in these General Business Terms.
Prior to the purchase, the Buyer declares that he has read these General Terms and has subsequently accepted them as well as that he / she is aware that the product order includes the payment of the purchase price and the cost of delivery, where applicable, and the conditions, time limits and the execution procedure the right to one-sided termination of the sales contract, which he understands and accepts under all conditions and notices.
The customer can be just any adult that is a business-capable person. The contract on behalf and for the account of the juvenile and completely incompetent persons can be concluded by their legal representatives or guardians. A partially contracted person can conclude a contract only with the consent of their legal representative or guardian. For breach of this provision Seller shall not be held liable.
Customers are required to provide accurate, valid and complete personal information when completing the registration form. In case the Customer acts differently, the Seller is authorized to discontinue the sale of products or the provision of their services.

General terms

The seller provides an online service through its website The service consists of providing information services, managing content, and executing financial transactions.
The customer is personally responsible for protecting confidentiality of passwords. The customer is aware of the fact that sometimes service interruptions or events outside the Seller's control can occur and accepts that the Seller is not responsible for any loss of data or any damage to the Customer's electronic devices that may arise because of reasons Seller cannot affect, during the transfer of information on the Internet. Customer agrees and agrees that access to Internet pages may sometimes be interrupted, temporarily unavailable, or completely disconnected.
The Seller reserves the right at any time to modify or terminate any business segment, including, without limitation, content, availability time, as well as the equipment required to access or use the Site. In addition, Crosport Vez may stop sending any piece of information or any kind of information, modify or terminate any data transferring, and may change the data transfer rate as well as any other features.
This site is a private property. All communications and interactions that occur through these websites must comply with these General Terms and Conditions of Use and Use.
All materials on websites are exclusively the Seller's right or used with the exclusive permission of the copyright holders and the copyright holders and / or designers.
The Customer explicitly agrees that the use of the Website is solely at Customer's own responsibility so that the Crosport Vez does not give warranty:
1. For consequences that may arise through the use of this Web Site; or
2. For Accuracy, Reliability or Content of Any Information , services or goods provided through this intranet site.
The Customer explicitly acknowledges that Crosport Vez is not responsible for the offensive, inappropriate or unlawful behavior of the Customer or its third parties and that the risk of damage that may result from the foregoing is entirely on the Customer.
Taking into consideration the aforementioned conditions, Crosport Vez will not be liable, regardless of cause or duration, for any errors, inaccuracies or other defects, inadequacy or inadequacy of the information contained on this web site, as well as for any delay or interruption in the transfer of information to the buyer or for any claims or losses arising therefrom.
The Seller reserves the right at present to terminate any Customer's Customer Passwords or Customer Accounts in the event of any conduct that the Seller considers to be discretionary in its discretion as inadmissible as well as any failure to comply with the General Terms and Conditions of Use and Use by the Buyer.
The Customer can send his inquiries and comments in writing, by mail or by e-mail, and the Seller will send a written reply by mail or e-mail within the legal deadline.
Headquarters of Crosport Vez is in Zagreb, Croatia. Legal disputes that may arise as a result of the use of these web sites (unless otherwise specified in a special agreement) are under the jurisdiction of the court in Zagreb and are to be resolved in accordance with the positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia. By using these Websites, the Customer agrees that any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with, these Terms, or in connection with their execution, is within the jurisdiction of the Court in Zagreb.

Terms of use of the internet website

 The first condition to use the Internet site is a successful customer registration. Within the registration process, the Customer will be offered the acceptance of these General Terms of Use, whose acceptance is a prerequisite for the use of the web site
Website invites the Customer to view the contents of the Statement of Confidentiality. recommends its Customers to take care of their account passwords for


The language of communication on the web site is the Croatian literary language. 
Alternatively there is a translation into English.

The prices

All prices are retail prices and are quoted in Croatian kunas (HRK) and include VAT. Crosport-Vez reserves the right to change the retail price, unless otherwise stated (in the case of an action sale and other special sales type). These retail prices are only valid for the purchase of products via the Internet store and may differ from retail prices in the Seller's stores.

Action sales

The duration and terms of sale and other special forms of sale (action sale, seasonal reduction etc.) are listed with each such offer.
  After the end of the deadline for action sales, Crosport-vez. will not receive any new orders under the terms of an action sale that expired.

Product availability and delivery times

The Croatian Post Office ( e-package) delivers products or services within 48 hours of receiving the shipment in the warehouse of (excluding weekends and holidays). Exceptions are islands where deliveries are made within 72 hours of picking up the shipment in the warehouse of For products that the Seller does not hold in the warehouse, the delivery deadline may be longer than the above mentioned.  Also, the delivery deadline may be extended even in the event that the Seller could not foresee or prevent. In both cases, the Customer will be informed in due time of the estimated delivery time in the manner prescribed by these terms.
Delivery of the product to the customer is done exclusively on the working day of the delivery service. The customer will be contacted beforehand regarding the delivery terms.
Purchased products will be delivered in accordance with the above conditions if the address indicated for delivery can be accessed via means of transport.

Duration and termination of the contract (unilateral termination by the Customer)

The contract that the Customer signs with Crosport-vez for the sale of products and services, is a one-time sales contract for a product or service that is consumed by the delivery of goods or services by Crosport -vez and paid by the Customer, and if it is not terminated. These General Terms and Conditions of Business are an integral part of the Sales Agreement between Crosport and Buyer Trades.
Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act, the Customer is authorized to terminate the contract unilaterally without giving any reasons for this within 14 days from the date of delivery of the product or delivery of the last product from the order.
An exemption from this authorization applies to products for which Art. 79. The Consumer Protection Act excludes the right to unilaterally terminate the contract, which the Seller will specifically warn you in the offer of the particular product.
The buyer can execute a unilateral termination of the contract through any unambiguous written statement expressing his will to terminate the concluded sales contract sent to the Seller at Crosport-vez, Kotorvaroška 7, 10 020 Zagreb or via e-mail:, in which will give their name and surname, address, phone number, e-mail, information on the received product and a copy of the invoice.
The Seller is obligated without delay to provide the Customer with a receipt on the termination of the contract termination notice. In the event that the Customer terminates the Contract, the Seller shall notify the Customer within 14 (fourteen) days from the day of receiving the returned product, returning the total amount paid, less the delivery cost when it exists, in accordance with the terms of these General Terms, in the same manner as the payment has been made, unless the Purchaser expressly agrees to any other means of payment and assuming that the Seller is not required to pay any additional costs for such refund. A refund of the amount paid will be made to the Customer only after the Seller has received the product at the address indicated in the account.
The cost of goods return based on the unilateral termination of the contract by the Customer shall be borne by the Customer. 
In case of unilateral termination of the contract by the Customer, as stated above, for the refund of the total amount received, the returned products must be unused, undamaged and in the undamaged original packaging with the attached copy of the invoice.
Replacement of the correct product (eg inadequate size, inadequate color of the product) is done in writing via e-mail to Products (return or replacement) must be delivered or sent by post to: Crosport-Vez, Branch Office 1, Vlaška 2, 10000 Zagreb.
In accordance with the Article 77, paragraph 5 of the Consumer Protection Act, the Customer is responsible for any impairment of the purchased product resulting from the handling of the purchased product as established as a consumer obligation in the event of a unilateral termination of the contract within the 14-day time limit.
Consequently, Crosport- vez recommends the following to its customers upon receiving the product, with respect to the unilateral termination of the contract within the 14-day time limit:
-that the product's picture shows the appearance and manner of use of the product as well as the presentation of the product as foreseen by the manufacturer. The picture does not show the exact product that is delivered to the customer, therefore recommends that the customer reviews the characteristics of the products listed on the website when selecting the product.
- If the packaging is damaged, do not accept the product, but pay attention to the damage of the packaging and ask if the product can be returned to Crosport-vez. If the Customer does not claim the damage to the packaging at the time that the product is received, it is considered that the Customer has taken the product with undamaged packaging.
- Carefully review the product, its nature, features, and functionality (eg activate the device on a power or battery, review the functionality of the toy and other products, carefully review the piece of clothing, etc.), but do not use the product or handle it if you intend to use the legal right to termination of the contract, because any further handling of the product diminishes the value of the product.
Handling / using the product is considered, for example, clothing - wearing it for a period of time, going out in the clothes, for bags and backpacks - transferring things, for fashion accessories - wearing on the body, tools - use for their purpose, lighting - mounting . Product handling reduces the value of the product.
In case the Customer orders the goods and refuses to receive it for no reason (the packaging is not damaged), Crosport-vez has the right to deduct from the paid amount of the purchase price the amount of direct costs of return of the product.
Crosport-vez is responsible for the material defects of the products it sells on its pages in accordance with the positive regulations, in particular the Law on Obligations of the Republic of Croatia.

Crosport-vez in collaboration with the service determines which category the returned product falls in after receiving the product. The Customer will notify the status of the returned product and the amount of refund returned within 10 days by mail. Customer refunds will be made at the latest within 5 days from the date of making the notice to the Customer.
The unilateral termination of the contract is excluded in several cases, and these cases are included in the tables above. Complete information on customer's right to unilateral termination can be found on this link:

Written objections, replies, notices
In case you are unhappy for any reason, you may file a complaint to Crosport-vez.
Crosport-vez allows you to file a written complaint via mail, phone 0038514921055 or via mail to For a quicker determination of the specific order you are complaining about, please include in the complaint the order number, account number or your username. Crosport-vez office will acknowledge receipt of your complaint in writing without delay, and your response,in accordance with the Law,must be received within 15 (fifteen) days of the day of receipt of the complaint.
In the case of a dispute before the court, the court in whose area the Vendor's seat is located shall be competent.
By the European Commission Regulation no. 524/2013 on Online Dispute Settlement Applying from 09.01.2016, Platform for Online Consumer Dispute Platform (Platform for ORS) was launched.
The Electronic Link on the Platform for the ORS -

Forms of payment allows you to purchase the selected products directly via the Internet through:
Payment by cash upon receipt of the shipment: The option of this kind of payment allows you to settle the amount of the order upon delivery on the specified address.
Payment upon receipt is not possible with a personal collection of goods at our warehouse. Payment upon receipt is done exclusively in cash, to the delivery person at the time of delivery to the specified address. In the event that the recipient is not able to receive the shipment at the defined delivery address at the time of delivery, the consignor shall leave a notice of the arrival of the consignment.
Payment by credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners and Maestro
Internet Banking, Mobile Banking : When choosing this method of payment, you will receive an offer with all the information required for your payment to your email address, including the account number on which you need to pay the order value. You can then make a payment using internet banking or the way you normally pay your bills - through a bank, a mail, etc. Payments are made to Raiffaisen Bank account. IBAN: HR7724840081100114472, SWIFT RZBHHR2X
You can also collect paid orders of selected products in person at our shop:
Vlaška 2
10 000 Zagreb

When collecting the goods personally, please first check if the goods are ready to be collected to phone number 01/4921055, and when collecting, take a copy of the invoice you previously received to your e-mail address. Personal collection of goods is free of charge and no extra charges are billed.
NOTE: For bank payments, goods are delivered only after the payment has been processed (according to bank statements - as a rule, the next working day), so we also ask you to check the status of the parcel on the phone number 01/4921055
Opening hours of the branch office in Vlaska 2
Monday - Saturday: 8:00 - 21:00
The deadline for the payment of the price of the product (amount stated on the confirmed order) is 3 (three) days from the day the Customer receives the Seller's notification on the confirmed order, except in the case of a payment upon receipt order. In the event that the Customer does not pay the purchase price within that time, and the Seller and the Customer have not agreed otherwise, the order confirmation becomes non-binding for the Seller and the same is deleted from the system.
If the Customer is not the person receiving the Product, the Seller reserves the right to additional identity and consent to pay for the goods ordered and these terms.
If you have any questions or need any clarification please contact us at phone 01/4921055 or via e-mail:


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